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  • Welcome to the Blackboard Collaborate Customer Upgrade Center. Whether you use Elluminate Live! or Wimba Classroom, these collaborative communities provide important resources to help you get started with the upgrade to Blackboard Collaborate and provide access to the Blackboard Collaborate team through discussions.

    Why Upgrade?

    With Blackboard Collaborate, you get:

    * A single platform that includes web conferencing, mobile collaboration, enterprise instant messaging, and voice authoring that provides a wide spectrum of collaboration choices for everyone and creates pathways between formal and informal instruction and learning

    * Customer-driven development that improves the user experience, making simple things easy and advanced things possible

    * An education platform built for the academic enterprise that's scalable, reliable, and flexible, combining the architecture and interface of former Elluminate and Wimba products in an ideal solution for even the largest institutional systems

    Learn more about upgrading from Elluminate Live! to Blackboard Collaborate. View recording >

    Learn more about upgrading from Wimba Classroom to Blackboard Collaborate. View recording >

    What is the Upgrade Timeline?

    Blackboard Collaborate 12 web conferencing is now available to hosted SAS customers. While we will fully support Elluminate Live! V10 until September 1, 2013, you can choose when you are ready to upgrade to Blackboard Collaborate 12. Plus, you can use both Elluminate Live! V10 and the new version simultaneously.

    For customers using Elluminate Live! in an ELM hosted environment, Blackboard Collaborate 11 is now available, so you can upgrade at any time, when you are ready to do so.

    At this time, Blackboard Collaborate 12 is not available for our ELM server customers. We anticipate making this release available for you in early 2013. For now, we encourage you to upgrade to Blackboard Collaborate 11, which was released in March 2012 in the ELM 3.5 release.

    For customers using Wimba Classroom, the current version will be supported, maintained, and hosted until January 2015. In addition, we will host Wimba Classroom archives until August 2015. You can upgrade to Blackboard Collaborate at any time, when you are ready to do so.

    What's Next?

    The Blackboard Collaborate Customer Upgrade Center contains specific areas, or communities, depending on the whether you are using Elluminate Live! or Wimba Classroom. Select from the list on the right to view your customized upgrade area, where you'll find a wide variety of resources to provide more information about Blackboard Collaborate and to help you get starting on your upgrade path.

    We understand that upgrading to Blackboard Collaborate requires careful planning and preparation on your part. That's why we've created our Blackboard Collaborate Cohort Programs to help ensure a successful upgrade experience. There are customized Cohort Programs depending on what Blackboard Collaborate product you are using, and the multi-week programs are scheduled at various times throughout the year. You can sign up for the next scheduled program by selecting the appropriate course from the list to the right.

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